HVMS User News – October 2017

FEATURED TOPICS:  Update your HVMS News communication preferences, Editing patient and invoice properties, Accrual vs Production reports

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November 17-21, 2017

Editing Patient and Invoice Ownership

This video reviews how to appropriately change ownership on a patient record along with changing financial ownership of invoices that may need to be corrected as a result of this ownership change.​

Accrual Reports vs. Production Reports

In order to help make sense of financial numbers in HVMS you may find yourself comparing values on different reports to ensure the numbers line up. Two sets of reports that you want to ensure you are not trying to compare to match numbers are Accrual Production reports and Production reports……Click to read full article

Announcement Forum

Get immediate email notifications when we post new HVMS how-to videos and articles by following our Announcement Forum from our HVMS Support Portal here. Here are a few recent items we have published:
New Article: How to Recover an HVMS Invoice that was Deleted in Error
How-To Video: Editing Patient and Invoice Ownership​
How-To Video: Editing Historical Patient Ownership

New Feature Forum

We’re looking toward quarter 4 development for new feature requests, to cast your vote on what features you want to see in your HVMS software, make sure to visit our New Feature Request Forum here.

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