Business Intelligence Driving Business Strategies with Data Science

Business Infusions is offering a new service for the busy practice called Business Intelligence  Watch the Video! 

The Business Intelligence Dashboard gives practice owners and managers on-demand access to analyze and visualize aggregate data for the practice.

BI Dashboard is an exciting addition to HVMS Software, offering four different plans all with live, mobile, interactive and consolidated reporting; helping practices stay on top of key performance indicators and celebrate their achievements!

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” W. Edwards Deming
Statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant.

Bronze – Practice Health
Stay up to date within the month on key growth metrics.
Get a quick Snapshot of how your practice is doing and spot trend within the 2+ years of data found on the Online/Mobile Dashboard.

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Silver – Grow Your Practice

Apply filters to the dashboard to get Informative actionable data. Find the smaller wins and track the success of decisions made.
Use as a coaching tool and celebrate your achievements.

Gold – Details Behind Growth

Take a deep dive into the metrics behind growth by looking at gross margins by Profit Center, Physician and Billing code.
Tracking your practice analytics daily within the Month to Month Dashboard allows practices to take action before month end.
Find opportunities and track the success of marketing campaigns and become more efficient with field appointments.

Platinum – Strategies for Hitting Goals

Adding Collected Compensation into Calculations allow your practice to view a more accurate Gross Margin for Physicians, Profit Centers and Billing codes. Customer retention is one thing every practice wants to track but its result is usually just a number. BI allows you to dive into retention and see what Physicians, Profit Centers and Loyalty Points have the strongest retention.

It’s Live (updates nightly)

  • No waiting till month end for accrual records
  • No waiting on feedback on growth or problem areas
  • Find issues/abnormalities and solve them before things get locked down in month end


It’s Mobile

  • Access practices numbers from anywhere on your computer or devices
  • Mobile access to a snapshot on how your practice is doing this month.
  • Log in while in your VMG meetings and provide additional feedback on your numbers.

It’s Interactive

  • Drill down into summaries and discover the problem transactions/cause of losses.
  • Filters give results within the entire dashboard related to an individual Physician, Profit Center, Code and More.
  • Dynamically change what you are looking at in seconds within the dashboards.

It’s Consolidated and Accurate

  • No more looking at 2-3 reports trying to get the whole picture.
  • Dashboard can include COGS Losses and Accrual Data all on one page.
  • We know our database.  3rd parties may not provide accurate number since they are not experienced with our database.