Referral Program, Capturing Payments in the Field with Open Edge, Reporting Tips

Introducing our HVMS Referral Program

Business Infusions is proud to announce the release of a new offering for our existing HVMS customers, our “HVMS Practice Referral Program”. Follow the link below for program details and learn how you could earn a $1,000.00 account credit for your practice by referring a friend to HVMS. ​

HVMS Practice Referral Program – $1000.00 Account Credit

Taking Credit Card Payments on Tablet with Open Edge

Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to use HVMS Tablet and OpenEdge to capture Credit Card Payments in the field. Looking for more information about Open Edge Features? Read OpenEdge and HVMS Integration and Features FAQ & How-To Video or submit a ticket and our HVMS Support Specialists will be happy to help.

Accrual Reports v. Production Reports

In order to help make sense of financial numbers in HVMS you may find yourself comparing values on different reports to ensure the numbers line up. In this article we will go through some of the key differences between Accrual Production reports and Production reports and why accrual v. production reports may be useful in different situations.

Read the full solution article here with more information and Frequently Asked Questions on these commonly used reports.

HVMS Knowledge Base: Find Answers to Your Questions Fast and Easy

Watch this video to learn how to easily search for answers to your questions in the HVMS Knowledgebase. Our HVMS Support Specialists are continuously updating our Knowledgebase with information useful for all HVMS users and it is a great resource to have at your fingertips

How to run a report on duplicate patients in HVMS

Click here for the full instructions

HVMS Mobile Calendar Update

We are in the beta stage of testing the HVMS Mobile Calendar app live with existing customers. We anticipate the public release very shortly. If you already have a support ticket requesting this app, we will update it once it is ready for public release with install and feature instructions. Updating to HVMS 2.10.136 will be required before you can use the HVMS Mobile App.

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