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If you are planning to do year end inventory counts, please replicate your required HVMS Counter programs ASAP, before December 20th if possible.

HVMS Support will be limited over the holidays, replicating them all now will ensure support can respond to you in a timely fashion if you receive any replication errors that need our attention so your counter programs are ready to go when you need to count.

Gone are the days of only having one opportunity to save/print your inventory reconcile reports.

Once your HVMS software has been updated to version 2.12.22 or higher, you can use the below described method to view and print the reconcile history for your inventory locations. click here for solutions to Viewing and Printing Inventory Reconcile History

As you may have already noticed, our HVMS Chat support application has received a makeover!

The feature we want to highlight this month is our Chat FAQ option. Now all our solution articles and videos from our online knowledgebase are available for you to search or browse through from inside our Chat FAQ feature. Be sure to click the FAQ tab from our chat window and scroll through all our categories, or search for specific text contained in any article using the ‘search’ option outlined below.

Auto Log-off Feature is back

Available with HVMS Version 2.12.33 or higher, HVMS now has a new and improved auto log-off feature that can be enabled upon request.

When this setting is enabled for HVMS, it will automatically close any HVMS sessions on any computers when the local computer screen saver engages. This feature is a replacement for the previous auto log-off feature where HVMS would automatically close after a pre-determined number of minutes across all computers where the individual computer did not have any mouse activity. That feature has been deprecated in 2.11.x and this new feature is replacing it which allows more flexibility as you can change the local screensaver time out period per computer.

This feature was designed for practices that want to force an HVMS session logout when the user has left their workstation and forgotten to logout, preventing other users from accessing and updating data under the incorrect HVMS login.

This feature is a system wide setting so if you have multiple practices setup, once enabled, it will effect HVMS sessions from all your practices on all your computers. It applies to HVMS Main only. To request this feature be enabled, contact HVMS support and ask for the ‘InactiveAutoLogOff’ setting to be enabled.

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