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Happy New Year and Thank You for Your Patience

Just a friendly note to let you know we are experiencing higher than normal support requests so there may be a delay in receiving an initial response to your request. Rest assured your request will be processed as quickly as possible.

To expedite your request, please ensure you have posted all required details, affected record numbers, screen shots, error messages etc.

To help our support team triage your request as quickly as possible, please make sure you are updating your existing ticket with requested information versus creating a new ticket for the same issue. If you already have multiple requests in for the same issue, either tickets or chats or voice messages left, please let us know so we can save some time by properly merge your multiple requests into this one ticket.

Please make sure to search our online knowledgebase for the topic you need help with as we may already have a solution posted to your question: HVMS Knowledgebase

Thank you for your patience during this busy time!

New Chat and Screen Shot Feature

Our new Chat support system has some really great features we want to make sure you take advantage of to get the most efficient support possible.

Ever heard the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’?

Sending us a screenshot of your error, issue or problem record will help us identify and troubleshoot your issue faster. Not only can we immediately see the area of the software you are in, but we can see the affected record numbers as well.

Our new chat system allows you to paste screenshots in from anywhere, most commonly used options are your “Print Screen” button or the windows “Snipping Tool”. For more support tips and information on how to use your snipping tool, check out this article in our knowledgebase: Tips to Submitting Tickets – Help Us Help You Faster and More Efficiently

HVMS Price Increase Instructions

If you are looking to increase the prices of your professional services, your HVMS Support Team can help you accomplish that goal. We have the ability to pull a list of your inventory items into a spreadsheet to allow you to review and alter price increases as necessary before we apply the new price values.

To request a price increase, please submit a Support Ticket with the following information:

Please send me a professional service price increase spreadsheet to review with the following applied:

A percentage increase of X%

Rounding applied to the nearest $X.XX

Please include the date and time you wish for the price increase to be applied.  Remember to request your spreadsheet at least 3 weeks before the desired date of the increase.  You will want to have time to properly review all the new price values before making changes.

For more specific details on requesting price increases please visit our the Price Increase Solution Article here

Introducing our New Hosted Server Service

Ask us if our HVMS Hosted Service Service is right for your practice!
Hosting HVMS in the cloud using Microsoft Azure secured and monitored data centers offers you peace of mind AND:

  • NO HVMS server or maintenance costs
  • NO Microsoft SQL server licensing fees
  • Easy remote access for remote employees
  • FULL backup and recovery for your HVMS database and attached files
  • 99% Uptime Service Level

Want more info? Email your hvms support team at 

HVMS Certification Enrollment Instructions

Business Infusions offers HVMS online training in the form of our Certification Courses. Users can be enrolled in any certification at any time. The enrollments are subscription based and cost $25/month per user for unlimited certifications. Each Certification is valid for 30 days upon activation.  If a user requires more than 30 days to complete their certification, make sure to purchase them an additional months’ subscription to apply an extension for another 30 days.  For more details of Enrollment Instructions please visit this Solution Article. 

Certification Documents
If at any time you need a refresher of your HVMS Certification, a full list of the certification documents can be found in our helpdesk.

HVMS Lab Integration Support Update

The HVMS team has been hard at work redesigning how all the in-house and reference lab integrations work with HVMS to provide you with a standardized platform we can more easily support and improve upon. You will see these changes being released later this year.
Until that time, we will have limited availability for supporting the existing lab integrations and will defer lab support requests to tickets for our lab technician to address. You can still request lab support by chat and our agents will collect all required info before submitting to a ticket, but you may receive more expedited support by opening a support ticket directly.

2019 Holiday Schedule
US Observed Holidays (general Support closed):

Good Friday: Friday April 19 2019
Memorial Day: Monday May 27, 2019
Independence Day: Wednesday July 4, 2019
Labor Day: Monday September 2, 2019
Veteran’s Day: Monday November 11th, 2019
Thanksgiving: Thursday November 28, 2019
Thanksgiving: Friday November 29, 2019
Christmas Day: Tuesday December 25, 2019
Boxing Day: Wednesday December 26, 2019
New Year’s Day: Tuesday January 1, 2020

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