Leverage Your Productivity

Collect Customer Payment Online Through the HVMS Payment Portal

Increase your daily productivity and collect customer payments faster and more securely with the new HVMS Online Payment Portal

The HVMS Payment Portal is a new service from Business Infusions that allows your clients to securely pay their account balance online by credit card through a link from your website. This increases security, reduces AR, results in less human error, fewer phone calls, and greater productivity.

Portal payments are securely processed and automatically posted directly to your clients ledger in your HVMS Software

By leveraging the HVMS/OpenEdge integration, client payments processed on the web can now be posted directly to their account in HVMS. One point of entry ensure your staff are using their valuable time efficiently.

Active OpenEdge account configured for use with HVMS
HVMS Version 2.12.47

HVMS Online Payment Portal OVERVIEW

For detailed information on how to request activation, visit HVMS Online Payment Portal Overview Page

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