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HVMS Accounting Package Integration


HVMS has a flexible system that allows exporting of Revenue, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable (purchasing) data in a configurable delimited format. If your accounting package has the ability to import transactions from delimited files, you will be able export/import all your transactions automatically to your accounting package, saving time on entry and reduce data input mistakes. Common accounting packages such as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, MS Dynamics, etc. will all have this capability

HVMS allows you to align account numbers between the two software packages and break down totals by separating or combining your financial data by:

  • Practice
  • Business Center
  • Location
  • Doctor
  • Class
  • Category

This allows an extreme amount of detail to be moved between HVMS and Quickbooks/Simply Accounting/other packages and the ability for valuable financial analysis to occur.

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