Signature Software for Companion Animal Veterinarians

The ability to deliver high quality medicine focused on the client/animal is what matters most to the veterinarian. Invoicing, inventory, paperwork and searching for old records are not the most exciting parts of medicine. Signature is a medical records driven software that allows veterinarians to focus on medicine. At the same time you are completing medical records, all of your invoicing and inventory is being managed and previous records are at your fingertips. With our work queue system, the veterinarian will be notified of their cases and matters that need attention. Veterinarians can configure their own widget screen to information that is relevant to them. Signature will save you time and make you more efficient.

Hospital Administrators

Signature was designed with the large specialty referral practices and teaching hospitals in mind. During the development process we gathered direct feedback from these types of hospitals. Signature is highly configurable allowing the software to be tailored to the unique workflows of each hospital and department, instead of the practice conforming their workflows to the software. Signatre includes the capability to configure medical records allowing doctors to record data they need and compile accurate medical records as well as automating many of the communications tasks (ex: admit notices, referral reports, discharge instructions, etc.) required and ensuring operational standards are met by staff on a daily basis. Our software allows for complex inventory control and integrated ordering, full bi-directional integration with Laboratory Information Systems and Radiology Information Systems to create a true integrated patient file.

Veterinarian Owners & Corporate Groups

Profitability is the true measure of business success. Signature is a medical records driven software platform that ensures invoicing and inventory are managed at time of service. The further away from a patient a veterinarian is in “time and space”, more money is lost. Signature solves this problem. Increasing top line revenue, capturing lost and missed revenue opportunities and improving the bottom line by managing COGS more efficiently makes for a strong enterprise which can invest back into veterinary medicine. Signature was designed with the large, complex, multi-location organization and fills a gap in the market for this business model.

IT Professionals

Signature’s architecture is built on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .Net Framework. It is a client/server application designed specifically to be used in both a thick and thin client deployment model. It also supports cloud deployment through Microsoft Azure. Our standard setup for large sites is a primary SQL Server built to specifications, a reporting server for financial reports and data analytics, and a test deployment and trainer server for staff training and testing new releases. There are numerous ways to deploy Signature and many considerations and discussion points.

Signature Software Features:

  • Workflow
  • User Widgets
  • Medical Records
  • Work Queue & Whiteboard
  • Treatment Plans
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting Laboratory and LIS Integrations
  • PACS and RIS Integrations
  • Credit Cards and PCI Compliance


Workflow is a proprietary one of a kind system that allows ultimate flexibility when it comes to application interface, rules and logic flow. The days are over of hospitals having to adapt to how their software forces them to work, bill and communicate. Workflow configuration allows almost limitless possibilities when it comes to how Signature displays and functions in a hospital. Standards of care and team communication are paramount for a positive client experience. Signature allows Administration and Veterinarians to dictate the best possible way work within the practice to ensure standard workflow for all users. Signature is unique in that common workflow configurations can be set up by different departments that all flow into common standards for the organization with the customer in mind.

User Widgets

Almost every team member uses software in a different way. Signature allows this flexibility by allowing each user to create different widgets on their home screen. A veterinarian may want to know what their upcoming appointments are to prepare them. They may want to know what referral letters are still outstanding and what lab work has not yet come in. A front desk team member needs to be able to accept patients efficiently and discharge clients accurately and with the information relevant to the patient. Signature allows configurable workflows for each user type, while at the same time ensuring standards of care and client communication are followed. A truly unique experience in the vet software business!

Medical Records

The set-up options for medical records in Signature is extensive. With leveraging the Workflow system we can configure department specific forms, exam sheets, letter templates with specific data point and recordings, as well as medical record note types, discharge/referral letter templates while maintaining a cohesive set of data points for analytics and reporting. Every department, location, or even specific doctor can be presented with their own formats for recording and reviewing medical records. Signature Workflow and medical record system allows practice management software to truly move to the next level to meet any practicing veterinarian or staff members needs in the most efficient and effective way possible personalized to them.

Work Queue & Whiteboards

All tasks scheduled to be performed in Signature flow into the work queue. The work queue can be viewed by widgets on the home page, location/department specific electronic whiteboards, and from within visits. Every doctor and staff member is presented with a clear easy to interact with outstanding list of tasks. Never has keeping on top of whats going on in a busy hospital environment been so easy.

Treatment Plans

Signature Treatment Plans is an extensive system build for hospital ICU/CCU departments. Long ago we recognized this was one of the most difficult areas of hospitals to take fully paperless. Once again leveraging our WorkFlow system, work queues, and whiteboards, Signature has the ability to create incredible treatment plan sheets that not only can mirror anything currently being done on paper, but truly to take things to the next level making sure nothing is being missed, tracking everything that has occurred and is about to occur.

Increase Your Profits with Profitability Accounting

Signature brings a completely fresh approach to the industry, enabling veterinary hospitals and practices to move away from “gross based” accounting and operations, to a more appropriate focus on the actual profitability of procedures and medications.


Astute managers of a veterinary hospital or practice understand the importance of a solid inventory and costing system to their ability to analyze and manage their business. The HVMS Inventory Control System has been developed with this in mind.

  • Signature clients usually experience reduced inventory costs after implementation due to accurate tracking capabilities
  • Complete support for container sizes, brands, bar-codes, suppliers and purchase orders
  • Drugs and other items automatically removed from inventory when used in procedures
  • Configurable for multiple practices
  • Signature is a user-friendly inventory control system with an exceptional level of reliability and auditing ability

Laboratory and LIS Integrations

Laboratory and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Integrations are key to seamless patient care and internal hospital workflow. Lab results within Signature are pushed to the correct user with direct integration to lab modalities. No longer does the user have to go and look for results, they will be pushed to the medical record and/or widget to be seen immediately. With supported vendors and equipment signature can also create lab requests and pass all appropriate patient history and demographics to lab devices. Especially powerful is when LIS systems are being used, where Signature can truly leverage bi-directional communication and keep users up to date on the orders, current statuses, and results as they flow through the hospital.

PACS and RIS integrations

PACS and Radiology Information Systems (RIS) integrations enable full bi-directional integration to all supported hospital modalities. From creating Modality Worklisting requests and passing scheduling, patient history, demographics to modalities, to retrieving and automatically billing images/studies taken, Signatures top notch engineers stay on top of all aspects of the DICOM and HL7 standards to truly deliver a single point of access patient record.


The Signature scheduler allows the practice to easily see their daily schedules based on configured calendar views displaying doctors, techs, staff and equipment. The scheduler allows for a master scheduling of availability which allows staff to easily see which doctors are available in the building. In addition to the standard type of things seen on calendars for appointments and events/meetings, Signature allows control over the type of appointments being scheduled during the day and color codes the appointments. Signature allows for two distinct modes of scheduling including time based appointments as well as slot based appointments. Slot based appointments allows the practice to control the number of procedures scheduled.


Signature comes with a standard suite of over 200 reports to help you manage the practice as well as make the best business decisions to grow. Within the standard suite of reports available, practices will find information ranging a broad area of topics including but not limited to; Practice/Doctor Production, Financial Accounting exports, End of Day, Managerial and Inventory reports. Reports can even be configured to automatically and run and email to individuals at designated times. Meaning you can have the previous days financials in your in-box every morning without having to run the report.

Signature Evaluation Process

Change is hard. Changing software is painful and expensive and serves no one well when assumptions are made on what was ‘expected’ versus what is ‘delivered’. We mandate a discovery process whereby different users (front office, admin, finance, veterinarian, IT, etc.) get a chance to review the software and ask questions before a final decision to buy is made. In doing this, everyone involved understands the software, project and expectations of making a change and it keeps surprises to a minimum. We also expect our clients to ensure change management opportunities are identified and managed internally to ensure a smooth transition. It will be difficult no matter what, but proper planning is paramount to success.

Signature Pricing

Signature Pricing is based on the number of revenue generating veterinarians in the practice. We believe that the team members generating the revenue are the ones that we determine price on. The number of computers and users is no longer relevant in our technology driven work environment. Please call 800 517 7560 to have a pricing discussion.

Credit Cards and PCI Compliance

Credit Cards and PCI Compliance are achieved using OpenEdge authentication and processing. Securing credit card numbers and protecting client information is more critical than ever before. Signature will not store any credit card information and we rely on strong partners in this complicated market to secure confidential information.